Regulations for the Dorin Frankfurt Studio

These regulations, together with tare the regulations for Dorin Frankfurt Studio's member list. By registering to receive mailings or by joining using the online form.


By filling out the forms and providing details, you confirm that you wish to join the club and that you are adults, capable of entering into this agreement and that you have not previously been denied the right to join the club. You also confirm that you are not a member of an illegal association.

You can register for the club only once per person.

The Information that is kept about those who sign up for the membership list in the studio is: your e-mail address, name, mobile number and as long as you provide your birth date .

You acknowledge that you are aware that we rely on this information for the purpose of providing services.

Cancellation of membership

You can cancel your club membership at any time by notifying us in writing.

We shall provide information via e-mail (newsletter) and text messages (SMS) with innovations, benefits and events. You can notify your refusal to receive these messages at any time.

The essence of the list

The essence of the club is to introduce to the members of the club - brands and various talented designers, with some of whom Dorin designs in collaborations.

We will send you benefits and promotions from time to time about collaborations with the our creative partners whose products will be solely their responsibility.

There will be no financial activity on the studio website and in order to enjoy the benefits you will have to use the coupon code that will be sent to you on the website and stores of the companies and designers with whom we collaborate .

 Club membership is personal and non-transferable, the benefit is for your use only.

Club benefits cannot be used for business or non-personal purposes.

Termination of your membership

We can terminate your membership in the club at the end of each season, by notifying you of the termination of membership.

In addition, it is also possible to terminate your membership immediately, and without advance notice, in the event that you have violated the provisions of these regulations, acted against us in any way, harmed our reputation, or published information that has the potential to harm us, our partner businesses, or other members we collaborate with.

Limitation of Liability

In any case, our liability to you for club membership is limited to the amount you paid us as club membership fees.

We will not be responsible, for any reason whatsoever, for any damage caused to you only by the membership unless it was caused intentionally or maliciously by us.

Member's fee

We will be entitled, but not obligated, to charge club membership fees.

As of now, the membership fee is zero shekels per month. In any case of a change in the membership fees, we will inform you in advance, and if you do not agree to the change, this can end your membership in the club. Membership in the club is for limited periods and is automatically renewed.


Jurisdiction according to these regulations is according to the Israeli law, and any dispute arising from it will be brought for clarification only in the court in the Tel Aviv district.

We comply with a legal obligation, and will report in the event that an authorized authority instructs us to report a security incident.

Whenever there are changes and updates to this document, we will bring them to your attention as soon as possible, by updating our website, or by sending a message to all our users.

Your information can be accessed only to our employees that are under a duty of confidentiality and to external service providers recognized by the authorities that will be given access to the very limited information while assisting us in providing a  service.

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